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This is a site for traveler friends. Here you can find places to stay, eat, drink or see, which other travelers find worthwhile and were kind enough to leave this information on our pages.

According to the GeoBytes system you are somewhere near the spot on the Google map you can see below.

If you are looking for a place, just click on 'Search' and nearby locations will be shown. You can drag the marker, or double click on the map to search in another area.
On the next page you can also type in an address (how dreadful) to search in our Best Stays.

But why not also register and contribute to this wonderful site?

How it works

The search of locations on this site is based on GPS coordinates: longitude and latitude. You indicate where you want to stay by double clicking on the map (or dragging the marker) and our system will tell you what is nearby. You even get a street view, if available.

If you don't want to search on the map, you can fill in (parts of) an address and we automatically ask Google Maps which coordinates belong to that place and again you get the locations nearby. And we show it on the map.

We try to make it even easier by locating the ip number of your internet connection and show this already on the map. The only thing you have to do then is to click on 'Search' and you will get your information.
We must admit, not all ip numbers are well located, so don't trust the suggestion too much.

Simple and easy.

You can also, we even encourage you to, submit (ingest) special places you discovered. You can fill in as many details as you like, we do a search in Google Maps and show a marker on the map.
You can check if this is the right spot, even Google can make mistakes, drag the marker to the correct location and we save this location in our database.

It is even possible without knowing the address, but by pointing on the map, to insert the right location of your favorite hotel, motel, b&b, cabin, restaurant, bar or whatever can be interesting for other travelers.
The satellite and street view can be very helpful with finding the right spot.

For ingesting new locations you have to register, it is free. The registration is needed to keep spammers out. No personal information will be provided to other parties.

You can also use this site as your personal database of holiday hot spots and meanwhile sharing these with others.

This site is made from the standpoint of the traveler, not the hotel owner, as most booking sites do.